New Rush DVD & More …

Hi all,

As mentioned by Neil Peart and reiterated by countless Rush-fan blogs, a new Rush DVD is in the works chronicling the latest Snakes & Arrows tour. I’m excited to be part of the team once again and hope you all enjoy the final result! Pic attached of the audio crew aboard the mobile studio in Rotterdam earlier this fall:

After 21 weeks on the charts, rockers Needtobreathe are still burning it up with their first single ‘Signature of Divine’ in the top 3 at Christian CHR radio!

The Deluxe edition of Skillet’s Comatose CD will include a song I recorded and mixed called ‘Live Free’. I’ve also remixed a track from the Comatose CD for their next single release.

Other current mixes on the desk here at the studio include acoustic remixes for the increasingly popular Simple Plan.

The renowned metalzine Brave Words did a piece about the production and mixing work done here at the studio and my guitaring past. It will be featured in the January 2008 issue of Brave Words magazine. You can read the article online here.

Finally, today is a day to celebrate a great life. Friend Ray Wallace passed away early this morning from complications resulting from a brain aneurysm he suffered on November 15. A fixture in the Toronto music scene for as many years as I can remember, Ray’s perma-smile and selflessness will live on in the memories of those who cherished his friendship and good nature. If we could all live so well …. RIP Ray. Thanks to Brave Words for the photo.

Be well, be thankful!