Juno Awards, Grammy Nod for Rush

[two_thirds] Hi all,

A while ago, I was in Chicago working with a talented artist on Atlantic Records called Skillet. ‘Live Free’ is a song I recorded and mixed for them and has broken the top 10 on the RR Christian rock chart in a scant 4 weeks, sitting comfortably at #6. Will they go to #1??? Stay tuned. They’re an amazing bunch of people, Skillet is endlessly touring and seeing some great success, including Grammy nominations. You can learn more about Skillet here.

Once again, Rush is nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance, this time for the song Malnar (Malignant Narcissism) from Snakes & Arrows. This is their fifth nomination in this category.

I’m honored to be nominated for a Juno Award here in Canada for Engineer of the Year for my work on Rush’s Snakes & Arrows and Dolores O’Riordan’s Are You Listening?. The Junos are televised live from Calgary, Alberta on April 6.[/two_thirds]


Bravewords.com has posted a blurb about the Juno nod here. Thanks Carl!

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