New Skillet

Hi all,

I’m currently working in my studio mixing tracks for Atlantic’s Skillet. It’s a release exclusively for iTunes, tracked at CRC Studios in Chicago. Ben Kasica from Skillet gives a bit more info on his Myspace blog here.

Limewire’s damage to record companies for copyright infringement is set to be assessed early next year. More info about that here. Strangely enough, I was speaking with my 13 year old daughter about her friends and their ‘listening habits’. Her friends think she’s crazy because she uses iTunes cards to buy music — but she often streams music directly from YouTube. In fact, all of her friends/acquaintances download music via Limewire. She knows no one who buys music, let alone CDs. Those are pretty poor stats for a struggling musician to stay on top of the game. Bob Lefsetz comments on ‘free’ music on his blog here.

More to come soon.

Be well.