Prog Mixing, Rush sales update

Hi all,

In the DVD mix world, Rush’s R30 and Snakes & Arrows Live are RIAA certified 4x and 2x platinum in America respectively.

I recently completed mixing 10 songs for France’s prog band Lord of Mushrooms (LoM). This is an interesting band. It’s a mixture of complex progressive textures a la Porcupine Tree/Dream Theater but with a very unique flavor of its own. Release is slated for the fall in Europe and Japan. Keep an eye out for these guys. Prog listeners will surely enjoy it — if they don’t know about this gem of a band already.

I had a few peeps drop me messages about the nuking of my facebook site … all is good here so thanks for asking. FB started to feel like a bit of a time suck so it had to go. Maybe I’ll get a fan site back up there in the future. But for a music mixer?? Aaaaah … not sure. We’ll see. And yeah, the myspace site went out the door too — just twittering and LinkedIn for now. The appropriate buttons and widgets are set up here. Thanks for using ’em.

More mixes in the works. Stay tuned.