Steve Lee of Gotthard RIP, Oct 5 2010

Steve Lee of the band Gotthard has died as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Steve was pronounced dead at 4:13pm after being hit by a motorcycle that had been thrown by an out-of-control semi-trailer. The group of motorcyclists, which included bandmate Marc Lynn and girlfriend Brigitte, were stopped on the side of northbound Interstate 15, about 50 miles north of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He died at the scene and the crash is under investigation. Apparently, drugs, alcohol and excessive speed were not factors in the accident.

I last spoke with Steve shortly after his car crash in Italy a few months back and he lamented about what a close call the accident was. We had a few laughs (as we always did) and spoke of the future.

I produced Gotthards’ latest effort ‘Need to Believe’ and I can honestly say that Steve was one of the most talented yet humble singers I’ve had the privilege of working with in my entire career. He had an infectious smile and made you feel like you’ve known him for years, just after sharing a few words.

Released on September 4, 2009 via Nuclear Blast Records, Gotthard was presented with the platinum-award plaques for ‘Need to Believe’ on January 9, 2010 at the Swiss Awards.

Gotthard has opened for such renowned artists as AC/DC, Deep Purple, Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi throughout Europe. The band has also had the honor of performing at the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival, is two-time winner of its native country’s Prix Walo Award, recipient of Monaco’s International Music Award, and has had its music featured on the soundtrack to the European television series “Frankie”.

I am in shock and disbelief over such a tragic loss. My heart goes out to Steve’s family, the rest of the Gotthard bandmates, and all of the loyal fans.

“No way Josie!”

Bye, my friend.