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Mix Seminar


Hi all,

I will be at Studios Piccolo in Montreal, Quebec for an interactive and informative evening of mixing tips and techniques, sponsored by Solid State Logic and HHB Canada.

We will be analyzing and remixing a classic song from the band Rush!

Event Date: Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Event Time: 7pm to 9pm

Event Location: Studios Piccolo, 1977, rue Lepailleur, Montreal, Quebec

Register to attend the event here.

Hopefully see you there!

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Dream Theater 12

Hi all,

Dream Theater 12 was an incredible 7-month adventure earlier this year. It was released September 24, 2013 where it landed firmly at #1 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Album chart and #7 on the Billboard Top 200. It entered the Top 5 in fifteen countries including Japan, Germany, Argentina, Holland, Finland, Italy, Switzerland and Canada.

Here are some link to ‘making of’ vids and some reviews of the album. Enjoy!

DT Givin’ The Love! LOL



Metal Injection John Petrucci Interview & Review



Episode 1 – In The Studio With Dream Theater (The Making of DT12)



Episode 2 – In The Studio With Dream Theater (The Making of DT12)



Episode 3 – In The Studio With Dream Theater (The Making of DT12)


Episode 4 – In The Studio With Dream Theater (The Making of DT12)



The Enemy Inside – Official Video


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Live DVDs for Rush, Dream Theater, Skillet.

Hi all,

Rush_clkwk_liveRush – Clockwork Angels Live

On November 25 – 28, 2012 I paused my work with Dream Theater and Skillet to travel to Phoenix and Dallas to record Rush live during their immensely successful Clockwork Angels tour. It’s always a pleasure capturing one of their awesome performances. And, it was so good to once again work with my friend Joel Singer at Music Mix Mobile for the recording of the shows.

The release of the shows earlier this month began with a national theater preview on November 18. It’s now available now on Blu-ray, DVD, CD and download. If you haven’t enjoyed a live Rush recording, the magnitude of the live show, both sonically and visually, is a real treat.

Over the last nine years of working with my friends Rush, I was very pleased to learn that RIAA and CRIA have certified 26 gold and platinum album sales awards in North America, for all the Rush DVD’s and albums over that time period that we’ve worked together for. I am so blessed! Thanks so much, guys … looking forward to many, many more!


Hi all,

It feels like it’s been a time of all things ‘Rush’ over the past while. As you all know by now, we spent most of the late fall and early winter 2011 recording Clockwork Angels at Revolution Studios in Toronto, Canada. I had selected that room for its cavernous but controlled drum room and I was pleased with the recorded results, as was Neil. The clockwork stage kit is one of the best kits I’ve ever had the pleasure of recording.

The making of this album was a further development of technique and technology and also a return to some old ways. In my work with some of Rush’s older masters like Moving Pictures, I learned that at that time much of the processing for guitars was committed to tape — a good example being the solo in Limelight, which is a stellar performance wrapped in lush sonics. Alex and I applied much of the same methodology for Clockwork, where a song like Carnies for example, with complex modulations, panning, eq and echo were committed as a premix during the recording phase for simplicity and reproducibility down the road. And Alex did some amazing solos in preproduction that were again, tweaked with vintage and modern technology during the recording phase so they would sit well within the production guidelines that the band had set.

Geddy’s recording was also expanded to include some additional vintage gear, if you recall the Fairchild I tweeted while we were in the studio ;-). The rest of Mr. Lee’s secret sonic recipe will have to stay secret.

Clockwork Angels was released June 12, selling 103,000 units in America in its first week and landed squarely at #2 on Billboard, and #1 across Canada. Overall, Clockwork was an incredible recording experience (once again) and I’ve never heard the band play with such fervor and intensity. Much respect and gratitude!

Last year, I remixed the multi-platinum Daniel Powter track ‘Had A Bad Day’ for an IOS app called Jammit, where users can learn and jam along to songs and tracks can be isolated for performing along. These are painstakingly accurate recreations of the original mixes from the original masters. And there are quite a few Rush songs available as well at the Jammit website including 2112, Limelight, Closer To The Heart, Subdivisions and YYZ — all carefully remixed to faithfully represent the original mix. I’ve also had the honor of remixing several tracks from Dream Theater’s Images and Words album, which will soon be available at Jammit.

Back in 2009, I produced ‘Need To Believe’, the multi-platinum CD from Swiss rockers ‘Gotthard’. I had an opportunity to revisit those masters; as part of an Audi promotion, I remixed the track ‘Shangrila’ in 5.1 surround for the band. RIP Steve Lee — incredible vocals by an incredible guy.

And finally, shout out to my good friends in Spain, Eldorado. Good luck with album 3!

Much more coming in studio, live and 5.1 so stay tuned!

Be well,

Rush – Cleveland & New Surround, Dream Theater

First, my apologies for not updating the blog much over the past few months but it’s been a very busy year so far.

Earlier this year, I mixed Moving Pictures in 5.1 and I am pleased that it was met with very positive reviews. The recording of the Time Machine tour I did in the spring in Cleveland (best … audience … ever!) is now wrapped up and an edited version of the show has since aired on VH1, with theater, DVD, CD and vinyl releases due any time. Amazing to see the band perform Moving Pictures live in its entirety!

Based on the strong feedback from the Moving Pictures 5.1 remix, Universal Records had asked me to remix Fly By Night, A Farewell To Kings and Signals in surround to be included in their ‘Sector’ series of box set releases currently underway. Like Moving Pictures, all the multitrack masters I worked with were transferred from the original analog tapes at 96 kHz/24 bit resolution and this quality was maintained right down to the finished master. Listeners are in for a revelation of new detail for these releases.

James Labrie came over to my studio this spring to record his vocals for the next Dream Theater CD, A Dramatic Turn Of Events. Away from the bustle of the city, the remote environment really helped our focus and I think James delivered some of his best vocal performances. John Petrucci produced the project and came up to the studio to oversee our progress (sorry ’bout the hot sauce there, John!).

The new DT album has met with critical acclaim and so has their tour to date (much, much more to go!). I had the opportunity of seeing the band at Massey Hall in Toronto and spending a bit of time visiting with John Petrucci and James Labrie, including congratulating new DT drummer Mike Mangini on his gig. Thanks to Dave Doria for the JLB pic.

October 5 marks the 1-year anniversary that Gotthard’s supreme vocalist Steve Lee lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident. I am very pleased to hear that my friends in Gotthard have chosen to continue onward and have been working through the arduous task of finding a new voice for their band. Their last studio album Need To Believe is approaching triple platinum in Switzerland.

Currently, Rush, producer Nick Raskulinecz and myself are reconvening to complete the recording of Rush’s next studio album Clockwork Angels. Sorry, no timeline for completion yet …

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Be well,

Rumors of Prince abound, DT vocals

[one_third] [/one_third]
[two_thirds_last] I’ve been getting quite a run of messages via my website and twitter about ‘my work’ on the new album from Prince. So upon doing a search about my affiliation with The Purple One, some really interesting information surfaced. Luckily, everything you read on the net is true!! Whew … LOL. Here are a few of the more interesting net tidbits:

From ‘Karen G’

Rush Moving Pictures 5.1 Reviews, Cleveland DVD, Dream Theater

Hi all,

Here are a few reviews and articles about Rush’s Moving Pictures remixed in 5.1 surround:

Sound and Vision Mag – Part 1
Sound and Vision Mag – Part 2
Big Picture Big Sound

David McWilliams @ writes:
“First things first:


Having just spent the morning with Moving Pictures on Blu-ray, I can say that they got it right all over again. This fabulous album is brand-new. From the opening synth growl in Tom Sawyer to final fade in Vital Signs you

Rush: Blu-ray Moving Pix feedback, Cleveland DVD.

Hey all,

Thanks for all the help re: server troubles to those that wrote to me. I had upgraded WordPress to 3.1 and it brought everything to a grinding halt, which explains the lack of updates. But the manual re-install and computer kicking worked great so I think [hope] everything is working. Please let me know if you can’t subscribe or if any other mysterious weirdness is still going on …

So I guess the review pre-release copies of Rush’s Blu-Ray Moving Pictures 5.1 remix/remaster are making the rounds. It’s so exciting to get feedback from people enjoying something that I had so much fun working on. With permission, I’m sharing pieces of a recent email here from a guy that listens to A LOT of 5.1:

… “First impressions: W-O-W. It