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RUSH: Vapor Trails Re-mix

A while back, I re-mixed One Little Victory and Earthshine from Rush’s 2002 release ‘Vapor Trails’ to be included on their 2009 release ‘Retrospective 3’. The re-mixes were very well-received so the band has decided to let me move ahead and re-mix the remainder of the CD.

To put rumors to rest, there was no re-recording or performance correction done on the first two tracks and that will continue for the remainder of the CD. The reason ‘new’ details may seem to have appeared in those songs is due to the fact that I listened to the multitracks and interpreted the mix structure without first analysing the original [deliberately] — so tracks either muted or turned down in the original mixes may shine through differently (the acoustic guitars in Earthshine might be a good example of this). As well, the same technical tweaks will continue for the remaining songs and I still will not have a buss limiter on the mix set to stun.

In any case, both the band and I are really excited to re-visit Vapor Trails and hope you’ll all enjoy the re-mix.

Hmmm … a lot of ‘re-‘ going on in this blog posting.

Enjoy your day and be well,

RUSH: Moving Pictures in Surround

Ok, so the word is out. I’ve been in the studio for last month remixing the original Moving Pictures CD in 5.1 surround. I finished tweaks on Red Barchetta yesterday. It really was an amazing experience to spread the original tracks of such a classic CD into the 3D word of surround. (The car speeds off, goes behind and banks a sharp right in rear BTW). The listening experience is drastically enveloping and coupled with songs and performances that epitomize this band, it’s definitely a great time to re-discover Rush.

After discussion with the band, the goal here was to pay serious homage to the production of the era so a considerable amount of time was spent researching and working through effects etc. that matched the original but would fare well in the 5.1 world. And of course, placement was also a critical issue. I’m pleased with the results and Alex Lifeson was pretty blown away when he came in to listen to the finals.

So enjoy and more to come shortly!

Be well,

Server Troubles


It’s come to my attention that a few of the ???? email addresses were not arriving at their destinations, including — the main contact email via this site. So, apologies to those who sent email. They weren’t answered ’cause they never made it. Please re-visit and re-send if you wish. Thanks for the heads up. Aahhh, gotta love computers sometimes.

No news I can speak of until the gag orders are lifted 🙂 … soon hopefully.

Be well,

Skillet iTunes Sessions Out Now

Back in August, I was called to fly to Chicago to record Christian rockers Skillet for an upcoming release for Apple iTunes. Along with the band, I produced the 8-song live-off-the-floor session and it went live on iTunes this week here.

The recordings were completed in a single day, only possible because this band really does a great job playing their material live. I brought the recordings back to Lerxst (Al Lifeson’s and my studio in Toronto), where I mixed. Once again, Andy Vandette at Masterdisk put the final touches on in mastering.

So far, this release has met with considerable success and critical acclaim so let’s hope more bands want to showcase themselves in a controlled live environment.

Be well,

Gotthard Re-enters Charts at #2 with ‘Need to Believe’ CD

As I had previously written, Steve Lee, vocalist for the Swiss band Gotthard, passed away October 5 in a tragic roadside accident. As a result of his passing, CD sales have soared. The CD I produced for Gotthard ‘Need to Believe’ originally charted in September 2009 at #1 in Switzerland. It has re-entered the charts at #2, with all of Gotthard’s CD’s placing in the top 100 (!).

Here is the band’s official press release about it:


Steve Lee of Gotthard RIP, Oct 5 2010

Steve Lee of the band Gotthard has died as a result of a motorcycle accident.

Steve was pronounced dead at 4:13pm after being hit by a motorcycle that had been thrown by an out-of-control semi-trailer. The group of motorcyclists, which included bandmate Marc Lynn and girlfriend Brigitte, were stopped on the side of northbound Interstate 15, about 50 miles north of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He died at the scene and the crash is under investigation. Apparently, drugs, alcohol and excessive speed were not factors in the accident.

I last spoke with Steve shortly after his car crash in Italy a few months back and he lamented about what a close call the accident was. We had a few laughs (as we always did) and spoke of the future.

I produced Gotthards’ latest effort ‘Need to Believe’ and I can honestly say that Steve was one of the most talented yet humble singers I’ve had the privilege of working with in my entire career. He had an infectious smile and made you feel like you’ve known him for years, just after sharing a few words.

Released on September 4, 2009 via Nuclear Blast Records, Gotthard was presented with the platinum-award plaques for ‘Need to Believe’ on January 9, 2010 at the Swiss Awards.

Gotthard has opened for such renowned artists as AC/DC, Deep Purple, Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi throughout Europe. The band has also had the honor of performing at the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival, is two-time winner of its native country’s Prix Walo Award, recipient of Monaco’s International Music Award, and has had its music featured on the soundtrack to the European television series “Frankie”.

I am in shock and disbelief over such a tragic loss. My heart goes out to Steve’s family, the rest of the Gotthard bandmates, and all of the loyal fans.

“No way Josie!”

Bye, my friend.

Prog Mixing, Rush sales update

Hi all,

In the DVD mix world, Rush’s R30 and Snakes & Arrows Live are RIAA certified 4x and 2x platinum in America respectively.

I recently completed mixing 10 songs for France’s prog band Lord of Mushrooms (LoM). This is an interesting band. It’s a mixture of complex progressive textures a la Porcupine Tree/Dream Theater but with a very unique flavor of its own. Release is slated for the fall in Europe and Japan. Keep an eye out for these guys. Prog listeners will surely enjoy it — if they don’t know about this gem of a band already.

I had a few peeps drop me messages about the nuking of my facebook site … all is good here so thanks for asking. FB started to feel like a bit of a time suck so it had to go. Maybe I’ll get a fan site back up there in the future. But for a music mixer?? Aaaaah … not sure. We’ll see. And yeah, the myspace site went out the door too — just twittering and LinkedIn for now. The appropriate buttons and widgets are set up here. Thanks for using ’em.

More mixes in the works. Stay tuned.

New Skillet

Hi all,

I’m currently working in my studio mixing tracks for Atlantic’s Skillet. It’s a release exclusively for iTunes, tracked at CRC Studios in Chicago. Ben Kasica from Skillet gives a bit more info on his Myspace blog here.

Limewire’s damage to record companies for copyright infringement is set to be assessed early next year. More info about that here. Strangely enough, I was speaking with my 13 year old daughter about her friends and their ‘listening habits’. Her friends think she’s crazy because she uses iTunes cards to buy music — but she often streams music directly from YouTube. In fact, all of her friends/acquaintances download music via Limewire. She knows no one who buys music, let alone CDs. Those are pretty poor stats for a struggling musician to stay on top of the game. Bob Lefsetz comments on ‘free’ music on his blog here.

More to come soon.

Be well.

New Rush!

Hi all!
In June, Rush will be releasing several new tracks via iTunes etc. Caravan and BU2B are the two songs that I recorded and mixed, with Nick Raskulinecz [Snakes & Arrows] producing once again. We tracked both songs at Blackbird Studios in Nashville and while I don’t have any Rush member shots handy, I do have a few photos of the guitar and drum setups from the recordings. Blackbird is one of the best equipped studios there is. We had a pretty maxxed drum mic and guitar amp setup. I have Neil’s kit loaded with tube mics

The [new and improved] blog is back

Hi everyone.

Thanks for your patience while I work out the kinks on the new blog. Lots of changes on the site — new host, new blogware, no more flash and bling, yada yada. Music player, photo pages and stuff are in the works.

I’ve managed to post an archive of sorts from the old blog dating back to the top of 2007. I’ll be filling in spaces as time permits.

Be well,