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DVDs – Rush, Skillet

Hi all!

Wow, what a summer! The 5.1 and stereo audio for Rush’s Snakes & Arrows Live double DVD is mixed, mastered and in the can. As well, some extra tracks from their Atlanta show were wrapped up. To think it all began at the Ahoy Stadium in the Netherlands last October. I hope fans enjoy the band — they were really rockin’ hard this tour!

The vault edition of Working Man and The Trees were a blast to mix … something particularly cool about mixing vintage Rush versions that have not been released. And later in September, Harmonix is finally releasing the Moving Pictures mixes I did for the Rush segment of their Rock Band game. I remixed the entire original audio for that CD (as well as Closer To the Heart) specifically for the game in ‘Rock Band’ format. I hope all the gamers have a blast!

[one_third]Once again, I had the pleasure of working with Atlantic’s Christian rockers Skillet. These guys (and girls) rock hard, chart hard and tour hard. They’ve captured one of the dates from their successful Comatose tour and are releasing it as a live CD and DVD. I’m happy to have completed the surround and stereo mixes.

More news to come so stay tuned!

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Rush in Hollywood, Trivium

Hi all,

Finally, Rush is getting their spot recognized in entertainment history with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Pretty cool stuff but uuuhhh, no Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame?? Hmmm ….

As well, I was mixing a track for Roadrunner Records’ artist Trivium. Their version of ‘Iron Maiden’ will be appearing on an upcoming Iron Maiden tribute CD as a dedication to Maiden’s huge industry success.

More news to follow soon!

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Foo Fighters w/ Page & Jones

Hi all,

So my good friend Nick Raskulinecz calls me up and insists that I whip over to London to hop in the recording truck with him ’cause there’s a ‘small’ gig happening June 7 …. in fact, it was the Foo Fighters rockin’ out to +87,000 fans in Wembley Stadium. If that wasn’t awesome enough, Jimmy Page and JP Jones get up with the Foos and do a smokin’ version of Rock n Roll and Ramble On. A lot of flying but man, what a wicked show to experience!

After three weeks at #1, Needtobreathe is still charting very well, holding in the top 5 of both the Christian CHR and AC charts.

That’s all for now.

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Catch Up Time!

Hi all,

It has been soooooo busy that I’ve been remiss in posting here regularly. So, contrary to rumors of my being abducted by aliens, here’s what’s been going on …

Atlantic’s Needtobreathe is sitting at #1 again this week. As well, Skillet made it all the way to #2 with Live Free, a song I recorded and mixed for them in Chicago some time ago. I do love seeing bands chart and chart well! Congrats guys!

The Junos were a blast! It’s always nice to pick up a nod for thousands of hours of work 😉 Of course, it was great to hang out with friends, including Kevin Churko who won the Juno for best engineer for his outstanding work with Ozzy.

Back in the land we call Rush, the double CD of Snakes & Arrows Live has been completed and released with the DVD audio of the same currently in production. As well, I’ve also completed a live mix of Limelight for a cameo appearance Rush is making in an upcoming film production.

Remember Scarlet Sins? I produced their CD a while back — kinda metal, kinda heavy rock but definitely not a typical ‘chick-rock’ band. Well lo and behold, the buzz around the band has been impressive and they’re moving on to the next level. I’ll update you asap but rest assured, it’s a very cool ‘hard work brings rewards’ success story.

There aren’t a whole lot of products I endorse. But one of the workhorse pieces of audio software I use is from McDSP. They’ve posted a blurb about yours truly here with corresponding ads placed in several international audio publications starting in June.

In March, the music world lost an amazing talent. After a lifelong battle with cancer, 41 year old Jeff Healey passed away. He was reputed as an acclaimed jazz and rock guitarist of rare ability who had a wicked sense of humor and a generous nature. I recorded several CD’s with Jeff and can say without hesitation that he was an unbelievable talent. Once again, it’s time to count blessings.

Be well,

Juno Awards, Grammy Nod for Rush

[two_thirds] Hi all,

A while ago, I was in Chicago working with a talented artist on Atlantic Records called Skillet. ‘Live Free’ is a song I recorded and mixed for them and has broken the top 10 on the RR Christian rock chart in a scant 4 weeks, sitting comfortably at #6. Will they go to #1??? Stay tuned. They’re an amazing bunch of people, Skillet is endlessly touring and seeing some great success, including Grammy nominations. You can learn more about Skillet here.

Once again, Rush is nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance, this time for the song Malnar (Malignant Narcissism) from Snakes & Arrows. This is their fifth nomination in this category.

I’m honored to be nominated for a Juno Award here in Canada for Engineer of the Year for my work on Rush’s Snakes & Arrows and Dolores O’Riordan’s Are You Listening?. The Junos are televised live from Calgary, Alberta on April 6.[/two_thirds]

[one_third_last][/one_third_last] has posted a blurb about the Juno nod here. Thanks Carl!

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Happy New Year!

Hi all,

Well, another year is upon us. Looking back, 2007 was simply tremendous! Projects to pass through the mix room here include an MVI from Rush, plus releases from Dolores O’Riordan, Simple Plan, Needtobreathe, remixes of Skillet & Funeral For a Friend and more. We had an Icon console installed, thanks to your continued belief and support plus our dedication to good sound! Keep spreading the word — over 35,000 hits on the website. You’re all awesome!!

We had the opportunity to mix Simple Plan’s live New Year’s performance in New York which was broadcast internationally on YouTube. If you missed it, here’s a link to the show:

2008 is already shaping up to be killer! We have exciting projects in queue that we’ll update you with as soon as we can and some expansion plans to serve more clients even better! Have an amazing New Year!

Be well,

New Rush DVD & More …

Hi all,

As mentioned by Neil Peart and reiterated by countless Rush-fan blogs, a new Rush DVD is in the works chronicling the latest Snakes & Arrows tour. I’m excited to be part of the team once again and hope you all enjoy the final result! Pic attached of the audio crew aboard the mobile studio in Rotterdam earlier this fall:

After 21 weeks on the charts, rockers Needtobreathe are still burning it up with their first single ‘Signature of Divine’ in the top 3 at Christian CHR radio!

The Deluxe edition of Skillet’s Comatose CD will include a song I recorded and mixed called ‘Live Free’. I’ve also remixed a track from the Comatose CD for their next single release.

Other current mixes on the desk here at the studio include acoustic remixes for the increasingly popular Simple Plan.

The renowned metalzine Brave Words did a piece about the production and mixing work done here at the studio and my guitaring past. It will be featured in the January 2008 issue of Brave Words magazine. You can read the article online here.

Finally, today is a day to celebrate a great life. Friend Ray Wallace passed away early this morning from complications resulting from a brain aneurysm he suffered on November 15. A fixture in the Toronto music scene for as many years as I can remember, Ray’s perma-smile and selflessness will live on in the memories of those who cherished his friendship and good nature. If we could all live so well …. RIP Ray. Thanks to Brave Words for the photo.

Be well, be thankful!

Needtobreathe is #1

Hi all,

I mixed Needtobreathe for Atlantic Records earlier this year. They are currently enjoying much success, with their single ‘Yahweh’ reaching #1 on the RR Christian AC chart this week! You can learn more about NTB on their website at

As well, I’ve wrapped up production and mixing for Libra Records’ Eldorado. Keep an eye out for it in the Spanish and Latin American markets. More news soon!

Be well!

Spain, Icon

[two_thirds]Hi all,
I just got back from Madrid after a whirlwind 3 weeks of producing and recording Spain’s renowned Eldorado. I brought the masters back to Canada for mixing at my facility, to be completed shortly.[/two_thirds]


The Icon console is fully installed (except for some patchbay work) and rocking nicely. Much more music in the pipe so stay tuned for more updates soon!

Be well!

Rush in Atlanta, Dolores Singles

Hi all,

After completing single remixes and edits for Dolores O’Riordan and some mix work for Funeral For A Friend, it was time to get away for a few days so I took a quick trip to Atlanta to see the final stage rehearsal and the inaugural show for Rush’s world tour.

The guys played and sounded great! It was so gratifying to see the songs that started as simple demos come to life complete with huge videos and Hearns’ intense lighting. Amazing! Here’s a side stage shot I took during the second set:

The Rush surround MVI is due out any time. I’m anxious to see the final product.

More to come soon — stay tuned!

Be well.